Licence to Operate an Order Picking Forklift Truck

NRT LogoTraining requirements for the TLILIC2002A Licence to Operate an Order Picking Forklift Truck include ensuring the operator is be able to plan work, conduct routine checks, shift loads in a safe manner, and shut down and secure the forklift after the completion of operations.

This training is based on the National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work.

There are no prerequisites for this licence.

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Difference between a Counter Balance Forklift Truck and an Order Picking Forklift  Truck (Stock Picker)

A Forklift can be used in all warehousing circumstances, including outside in car parks and in some instances on the roads if they are registered. Their biggest disadvantage is they need room to manoeuvre and turn. Lately, some organisations have turned to the Order Picking Forklift (Stock Picker) to allow them to fit more into their warehouse racking systems.

Order Pickers need less room to move around and less space is needed between racking, so changing from a Forklift to an Order Picker can allow for more storage in the same space. The disadvantage is in how the Order Picker operates. This machine allows the operator to go up on a caged platform and take (pick) the items from high racking. The operator is required to be in a harness and attached to the cage by a lanyard. This means that items that are stored in the warehouse up high can only be of a weight that the operator can lift on their own. All large, bulky items would need to be stored at ground level where they can be handled by two people and moved by a trolley.